layout by layout -loading?

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  • Quest

    Here are my "two cents" contribution, despite do not solve your problems, maybe could point you to another way.

    • first you can reduce the colors of the images, instead of full color, you can try monocolor or posterized, but do not forget to change the image setting, this can reduce a lot of image size.
    • second, do you know "iBooks Authors" from Apple? I already did some works with it and it has a good memory otimization for lots of images, BUT, it only works in IOS and you need to release the iBooks by AppStore.

    I hope i have helped you.

  • Even though it's not a game, you're still limited in the same way games are, which is why games came up with the techniques they did to work within those limitations.

    The only idea I've got is upon switching pages, perhaps using the iframe plugin to navigate to another web page which contains another image/c2 app will unload the previous from memory. I'm not sure if cocoonjs supports the iframe plugin though, so if it doesn't you can try one of the other solutions out there, such as appmobi or phonegap.

  • lets say i have 3 layouts.

    each layout has just 1 large image sprite.

    C2 starts up on layout 1. image 1 is loaded and displayed. images 2 and 3 are not loaded since they are on layouts 2 and 3. is that right?

    now the big question.

    layout 2 is started. image 2 is loaded and displayed. what happens to image 1? is it flushed from memory or it keeps occupying video ram?

    thanks a lot

  • Quest, C2 looks like the perfect tool for making animated books for kids... until you come across the issue of using large pictures, each page with a different background!

    check out the top story books on the app store: they are made with native toolkits not in html5! you need total control of what assets you load, and which ones to flush away, page by page even on an ipad with 1gb ram.

  • That's a good question.

    How does layout-by-layout page loading works?

    Especially for mobile devices.

  • I'm fairly sure the images are flushed from memory. If not, it seems like layout-by-layout loading would be pretty much useless. Ashley can you confirm?

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  • Layout by layout loading requires webgl, which mobiles don't have, so it's up to the browser to manage the memory. I've read ludei is going to hopefully implement the layout by layout loading even without webgl, though.

  • In the WebGL renderer the previous layout's textures are released.

  • so for ipad, layout by layout is pretty useless for now right?

  • Hi Quest,

    I have been asking similar questions in the forums, and like you, i also want to publish interactive children's book apps for ipad, iphone etc.

    There seems to be an issue with such apps because you're using many static background images for the pages with some sprite interaction and text - right?

    I am still not decided on the engine or SDK yet! I have seen some amazing book apps on the itunes store created with Corona SDK, Cocos2D, AIR with Starling etc. You certainly don't want your app crashing as it will lead to bad reviews and kill your credibility, no matter how great the story and illustrations are.

    Sorry i don't have an answer, but i'd like to hear how you got on and if you could offer me some mistakes to avoid.

    Good luck with your book!

    PS Here is a children's interactive book demo on youtube created with cocos2D and weighing in at 105mb.

  • About NRABrazils method:

    first you can reduce the colors of the images, instead of full color, you can try monocolor or posterized, but do not forget to change the image setting, this can reduce a lot of image size.

    Would that really work in c2? I thought all graphics were formatted the same way on import, leaving you with height and width as only "tools". -Ie a monocolour sprite is still read as full colour by construct.

    Can someone clarify? Difference between cc & c2?

  • The image format only affects the download size. In memory all images are decompressed to full-color 32-bit ARGB bitmaps.

  • Thanks.

  • Just passing by to say i'm really greatful with this feature, one of my top concerns was about performance at this kind of screen transition and i find it very important to show my appreciation. Keep up the good work!

  • Ashley ludei We recently started using Construct 2 and CocoonJS to bring an app to iOS and Android but the layout-by-layout feature does not appear to be working and this has caused us a few headaches. I've been in touch with Ludei support and they feel that something still needs to be done on the Construct 2 side of things to move things forward.

    Here is the response I received from from Ludei.

    "BTW the layout-by-layout feature is something on the side of Construct 2 because is everything javascript based, so I recommend you to speak with Ashley to know when he will add support for this on CocoonJS."

    Would it be possible to get some clarification on this please.


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