Layers ignoring other Layers possible?

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  • Hi.

    Is there a way to make one specific layer (The Background layer) ignore the Opacity layers.

    I want the opacity layers to only affect the sprite layers.

    Basically, the opacity layer tinges a sprite layer according to the color. But right now it also affects the background layer which is undesirable.

    See example

  • What is an opacity layer?! You are using a colored layer with some blending mode to tint the layers (and their Sprites) below..? Something like an Adjustment layer in After Effects?

  • Its basicly a normal layer with an opacity set to 50%. This gives that color to the layers behind it. But i dont want that color to affect the background layer in any way. Only the sprite layers.

    Or what you said. Same thing

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  • I think you can use a blend mode on your background sprites so they will be on top of everything.

  • I tried every possible blend mode. None of them has a good effect

  • Ldk Unfortunately it doesn't seem that there is a way to use the Sprites of one layer to mask an other layer in the way that you want. I raise (again, I know, I must be very predictable by now, I am sorry) the need for a masking system in Construct 2. Blending modes just doesn't cut it.

    What you can do however, is to use sprites as color transparencies on top of your art sprites within the same layer(s). Set the webGL effect to to overlay (or color) and make sure the layer(s) "Force own texture" parameter is set to "No".

    Here is an example capx, using 2 colored "transparencies" to simulate the warm color of the sunset and the blue color of the night.

  • eli0s

    Thank you i will see if it can work for my requirements.

    I agree. Not having a masking system is a major downfall.

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