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  • Hi, something interesting has come up while adding background layer objects to my stage. For some reason even though my tree object is on a layer behind my bouncing coins, the coins display behind the tree. The tree's layer is in front of the background and behind the layer of the coin.

    The tree is big in size, could this be the issue? Really weird one..

  • No, that shouldn't be possible, or I can't think of a reason off hand.

    Can you recreate the effect in a capx we could take a look at?

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  • Thanks but I figured it out. Forgot to change the names of the layers in the event sheet after I changed them in the layout screen..oops..

    Just want to give a big thanks to the Construct Dev team, the latest update gave my game a huge performance boost. My game is running on my phone at a silky 60 fps steady, and that's with large sprites and large background objects that aren't even tiled! Thank ya, thank ya thank you!

  • Ah yes, that explains it. They were defaulting to a different layer since the specified one wasn't found. (for those referencing this in the future.)

    The layers are one thing that doesn't auto update on changes. I believe it has something to do with being able to make dynamic links to them, but I never knew for sure.

  • Haha yeah it was one of those "what the hell is wrong!" learning new things daily on this puppy. Paradox, love your work, keep up the good job!

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