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  • I'm testing the program and practiced some tutorials and examples. I made several questions in that forum that went unanswered. If I buy the program, I will receive a more effective support?


  • No, you will not. Buying the program does not guarantee, or even increase the chances, of any additional support.

    The forum is run by volunteers, and is based on a mutual exchange of knowledge, assets, and in some cases even money - a community.

    This means we have no obligation of providing support. This is the same in all forums, except for those that specify support is provided in the forums explicitly.

    While Scirra does provide great support in the forums, your primary methods of learning construct 2 are still the manual, tutorials and experimentation. A more effective use of the forums, should your topics not be answered, is to use the search function to see if your questions have been asked before.

  • If you had questions you asked in the forum that went unanswered, the problem is probably that your questions was a little broad or unclear.

    Either that or it was a difficult problem, in which case you should just bump the topic after at least 24hours.

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  • RenatoB

    As someone who answered one of your questions (and was thanked for it - thank you!), I'm surprised that you say you "made several questions in that forum that went unanswered". I've checked through your posts, and found that you got helpful answers to your questions.

    Which ones went unanswered?

  • My question was whether I would have access to a support channel if I bought the program. Only this. I appreciate the explanations. I will review my questions and bump it if necessary.

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