Large C2 games in XDK/Cjs

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  • The game we are developing in C2 has a large amount of media assets (a highly compressed export is ~117Mb and that's just the lite version).

    We want to release the game for Android, and we are evaluating our options as wrappers are concerned.

    XDK: the game runs in the emulator but not on the device. XDK exports an APK of about 6 mb - so something is clearly fishy. The apk will install but the game shows a black screen and then crashes. We can't even get a C2 sample game to work on our Android devices.

    CacoonJS: significant size restrictions. The lite version of the game approaches the premium account restriction - the full version will easily exceed the 200mb.

    Specific questions:

    • How are C2 developers managing to build large games for Android/iOS?
    • How are C2 developers making XDK work with their games?
    • Are there any local programs (ie NOT cloud) for performing this function?
  • Bear in mind that, on Android, APKs are limited to 50MB, so you'll have to find another way to download the additional assets to the user's device.

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  • Is that something that can be done in C2? If I am understanding you are saying basically build a much smaller version of the game (-50 mb)that is set up in a way to download the remaining levels and features and whatnot after the app is downloaded to the device?

  • Nobody's really building big games for the mobile with C2 due to memory and performance limitations.

    (I may be wrong)

  • I understand that for Google Play, the method of getting assets in excess of 50mb onto the user's device is to use some of the 2x 2gb allowed for expansions. Is this basically correct?

    Does C2 have a mechanic for this, or is this something to be accomplished entirely with external tools?

    We also have C2 exporting duplicate assets (for example duplicating sound assets in both mp4 and ogg) that oversizes the app. Is there some setting we are missing to prevent this?

  • good question!

    I am very interested in the answers, too.

  • I seem to remember it only downloads the sound format your device uses.

    Isn't there a load graphics from URL or something too?

  • Could anyone who has managed to get a C2 game (of any size) working in the current version of Intel XDK post or send a PM?

  • maybe your answer lies in this post?

  • Memory Management is a work in progress (thank you for the references on that)and I am sure we can sort that out but my primary concern is XDK at this point. I cant seem to figure out how to get an C2 exports to work beyond the emulator. Has anyone had any success with C2 and Intel XDK?

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