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  • Had a review stating my app was "too large for what it does"

    Thing is, app size never really bothered me. I just install what i want and if i haven't got enough, space I make space for it.

    However, this review did get me thinking. Perhaps some people worry about app size.

    Looking into the size of my app built with Cordova XDK on disc before install it's some 25mb

    After install

    Total 80mb

    Application 70mb

    Data 10mb

    App is simply a photo app. Load photo, edit save. It has one jpg that is 400kb and a couple of png icons. One page of events. It uses a very small array to store runtime data. Cordova File, Device, Cranberry admob

    Basically, nothing special that many other apps contain.

    How can I optimise my app when it doesn't contain anything to optimise?

  • Since you are packing with Crosswalk, you'll get the Chromium browser bundled with your game to make it able to run. Android 5+ devices have WebView already installed so for those devices you can build the apk without Crosswalk (all is to be set in the XDK). Do some tests and see how the app size changes for you.

  • Just to clarify. At the moment I create with Crosswalk ticked in XDK and this produces 2 apk's which I upload to Google Play.

    Does that mean I can create another apk without Crosswalk ticked and upload a 3rd apk to Google Play?


  • I'm not sure that you can upload different APKs for different Android versions, but that can be a possibility. I'm sure a more experienced Android developer can help you with that. What I was suggesting is that you can do some tests on your phone without Crosswalk to see how the app's size turn out after installation.

  • Oh ok thanks will try

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  • frozenpeas This topic is interesing. Please, share results

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