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  • Hi,

    When I export my Html5 project to intel XDK to make android apps. The only problem I face is that the landscape mode in game on android device is limited. Its set in construct 2 and intel xdk build setting landscape. But the screen only plays on one side. If you flipped the device 180 degrees. The landscape wont rotate !

    So either you make it default portrait view or default landscape view or both !

    I just want landscape to be played on both angles. Only who faced this problem will understand me. I searched for a solution and tried some things but no success !

    Those who fixed that problem help me !

    Thank you.

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  • wow. Weird thing !

    The day I posted this. I slept and dreamed that 2-3 people gave me solution for it. And it worked. But I dont remember it cuz once I woke up and opened the post. No replies !

    Hope I gave attention in my dream XD

  • Anyone faced this problem ?!

  • When exporting my game to landscape the game is landscape, (tilting mobile to left from portrait). And as you say, the game is locked this way, not flipping while flipping the mobile. So I see the same thing as you do.

    But I do not see this as a problem at all.

  • on iPhone for example:

    Some people would like to play the landscape game while the home button on their right.

    And others would like to play while home button on their left.

    Some people would get annoyed if they cant play on their favourite landscape side !

    It should be either default landscape angle or 180 degree angle.

    But this is just locked to default side of landscape only !

    I dont think thats good for some players !

  • I am really excited that construct 2 is something I have

    And I just wish to know these little problems I have to complete my happiness

    There's no alternative as easy as construct 2 !

  • If anyone have a solution for this, I'm interested as well.

  • Thats my only real problm in construct 2. Otherwise that everything would be fine

  • Seriously !

    Like no one faced this problem before !

  • Does "Cocoonjs" fix that ?!

    I havent tried it !

  • Here is an image to demonstrate my problem !

    Edit: It happens on android. I dont think that bug includes iPhone. The photo is just for demonstration !

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