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  • Any ideas if the base Kongregate/Facebook plugins will be improved upon? They are kind of problematic in their current state.

    I know there is a Facebook plugin workaround labelled as FB 2.0, but is anyone working on an improved Kongregate plugin?



  • Look in the plugin section for my latest Facebook plugin. When I get the time to polish it off I intend on presenting it to the developers for consideration as replacing the current plugin. It called Facebook advanced and includes payments and age verification abilities.

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  • Yup, that is the FB plugin I was talking about. Great stuff for others out there who need it.

    For now, I had a problem when the Kongregate plugin was "obfuscated". I am looking for a way to prevent only that module from becoming minified. Anybody had any luck? Otherwise, it would need some coding changes in its current state.

  • necromaster

    I believe for the most part my plugin is complete. Still a few things to add but the core functionality is there now. We should get some testers to try it out and if it works see if the c2 developers might want to grab it and use it as a standard plugin.

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