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  • Hey all, hope ur all good.

    I just uploaded a game on Kongregate but in my revenue section, the game doesn't show up, not even a play count. what's going on? do I have to wait? the game's had 80 plays up to now, that should show up in the revenue section at least. I have contacted Kongregate but no response yet.


    game: kongregate.com/games/PepperredPenguin/satan2allah

  • It took mine 5 or 6 days to show up. Apparently its done manually by someone so it takes some time.

    However, I have 2 games over the 200 mark and I have made 28 cents. WOO HOO :). I am using their API for high scores, but it hasn't adjusted my percentage. They say that can take even longer. Good Luck.

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  • thanks for the help

    how long did it take for your game to reach 200?

  • Couple of days maybe.

  • Just to pass on my experience of using Kongregate. As mentioned, after uploaded your game can take a few days to be recorded for revenue. After that it should update every 24 hours (Some times a little longer).

    Usually your game won't be rated yet until a certain time limit has passed (Or play count if its very low). I think for my first upload it took a few days with only 100 plays before it was rated. I was testing the water as with my other uploads, my advice would be to not rush uploading anything (Like I did) as you want to get at least 3 stars when your games is rated (More likely to increase further traffic to play your game).

    If you are integrating with the API for highscore etc.. to get the extra commission. You'll need at least 50 different registered recorded in the highscore tables, before this is added. So you want to programme your games to record the score during the game, not just at the end, else the play may exit the browser before the score is sent and recorded. This can result in fewer user scores recorded in the score tables, even with a high play rate.

    If you are ONLY uploading to Kongregate to get the final commission (Bringing it up to 50% with API integration). Then you may need to incorporate their logo at the beginning of the game. It took my second game (Space Star Shoot) almost a week to be available for revenue this way after uploading it.

    And further more from experience, you should make AT LEAST $1 per 1000 plays, but this will increase if your game is popular and depends on your commission rate. Just remember to fill in the IRS tax form, else Kongregate can take 30% your earnings when you collect.

  • Moved to Construct 2 general forum since it's highly doubtful this is a Construct 2 bug.

  • ,

    please create a tutorial with your experience, even if it turns out to be very small...

    It would be a shame if your insights were buried after this topic is forgotten!

  • Yea a tutorial would be awesome Andeming.

  • Fimbul,


    Thank you for your comments. I'm just currently coming out of some hardware issues of which I hope will be sorted soon (Has taken weeks/months off my time). After which I'll plan to produce a video tutorial to help.

    In the mean time, there is currently a written tutorial on the site concerning uploading your game to Kongregate.


    However it doesn't mention the other factors which may be worthy of consideration (highscores, gameplay etc..)

  • thanks a lot for the info. can you please make a tutorial or tell me how to integrate their APIs into a Construct 2 game?

  • Yh sure, message me and i will happily help you out

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