Kongregate Plugin fails to submit statistics!

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  • After a lot of debugging, I've narrowed down the problem to the Kongregate plugin within the game client. The Submit Statistic function is never actually attempting to submit the integers to Kongregate.

    I've set up Statistics on Kongregate and have made sure that all of the names match up. I'm sure the problem is that the in game Submit Statistic function isn't working properly. Anyone know what might be wrong?

  • [Update]

    I've been using a kongregate_shell.html file as is suggested on kongregate. With the Export for Kongregate option within Construct, this is unnecessary. If you export for Kongregate, use the index.html file for the iframe link in Kongregate.

    Here's the reason why:

    When you run the game through the kongregate_shell.html file, the api connects to kongregate_shell.html. Then, when your game attempts to connect to the Kongregate API, an error occurs because a connection has already been established. The first request then gets precedence and your game can never make use of the API meaning statistics, shoutbox, etc. will not get sent to Kongregate.

    Here's another problem:

    When run directly from index.html, kongregate_api.js still only connects occasionally. I think it has something to do with calling the API through iframes but I'm not sure. I'm still working out this issue. If anyone knows how to fix this, please post a reply.

  • I use the export kongregate plugin, and send statistic doesnt work.

  • OK there are some people know but don't share. In fact the problem is about reload or refresh the page, the stats is sent when the page is refreshed. Hope it can be help.

  • the plugin kongregate and send stat function works with firefoxe but not with google chrome.

  • The Kongregate send stats seems to work fine with my games:


    I noticed a few things though. The stats won't show until your game has been rated. Also when naming your stat I would remove any spaces or uppercase letters (i.e. I changed my "High Score" to just "score"). You get the option to rename [back to High Score"] the incoming value in the table on the Kongregate site.

    When you include the 'Kongregate' object, create it on your first page so as to have your game link to the Kongregate server at the beginning of your game (Although I think the object becomes universal so it may not make a difference).

    I haven't tried to see if it works in Chrome or IE. But the score table shows on my games.

  • i've managed to get the kongregate statistics to work fine just made a tutorial for it as well.


  • - Did the "High Scores" tab appear immediately after integration? I followed these instructions a day ago and it seems not to have had an effect.

  • immanuela - Until recently I had been away from any Construct 2 activity. I've also previously taken my Kongregate games down. So I'm assuming nothing new has happened since I last was involved with C2.

    Concerning the highscore, from what I can remember, you should see the highscore tab besides your game within the first few days if not as soon as it's up. I understand they've changed the interface, but there should be a highscore tab there.

    My suggestions are, to double check that the variable name inside the C2 file is the same as you call it within the Kongregate interface when you set up the game. Also, try to avoid capitalised letters, I began only using lowercase in the variable names for Kong due to previous experience. On top of this, if you can have your C2 file update the score to Kong regularly (after each level etc..) with the highscore type being that of the players best score. If you only send the score at the end of your game, and if players don't finish the game, then the highscore table entry will be bare.

    If I can find the time, I'll try to experiment a bit more to see if anything has changed.

    Hope that helps... also if you still have difficulty, if you can provide more info, that'll help.


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  • Same problem with stats here: kongregate.com/games/raiper34/submarine-escape

  • I've found a solution to this problem, I've posted it in here:


    Basically the index.html file that C2 exports contains a wrong or old direction to retrieve the API from Kong.

    Maybe can help with yours

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