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  • Known issues in Construct 2

    There are some problems and incomplete features we know about already; please don't report these as bugs!

    • [s:39nthbwz]I can't seem to persuade Windows XP to group the list items in the event wizard, like 0.x does. It works on Vista and up though.[/s:39nthbwz]
    • Collisions are only bounding box.
    • [s:39nthbwz]Collision events (Is Overlapping/On Collision) don't pick the second object properly in all cases.[/s:39nthbwz]
    • [s:39nthbwz]The initial event algorithms are inefficiently coded, so a functioning prototype could be developed quickly. This can be sped up significantly. If you find the loops or other events slow, consider this a work in progress. (It's not because Javascript is slow.)[/s:39nthbwz]
    • You can't create an instance of an object at runtime if there isn't at least one instance in a layout somewhere in the project. (This will be supported eventually, it's a new feature over 0.x though.)
    • [s:39nthbwz]Copy-pasting objects between projects isn't done yet.[/s:39nthbwz]
    • [s:39nthbwz]Opening two projects appears to remove all icons from the project bar. (Cosmetic only, rest of functionality with two projects open should work.)[/s:39nthbwz]
    • [s:39nthbwz]In some cases, switching between layouts at runtime leaves the scroll position in the wrong place.[/s:39nthbwz]
    • [s:39nthbwz]Nested looping conditions don't work, and triggers as subevents to loops don't work either. However, ordinary looping conditions by themselves should work OK.[/s:39nthbwz]
    • Missing features should not be considered bugs!
  • The system image editor has been launched...

    LIARS! :) I can't edit sprite's textures as this is the only window that appears :(

    edit: windows 7, am I missing something? :)

  • Yeah, you probably don't have a program associated with image editing. Specifically .png, I think.

  • The system image editor has been launched...


    edit: windows 7, am I missing something?

    For me it opened paint, although it would be nice to have an option of selecting what editor we use, so for people testing in Wine (Under Linux) can select a native app maybe? If that would even work that is.

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  • I've moved all these to the bug tracker now, so check that for currently active bugs. Unstickied.

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