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  • ...for such a long time here on the forums, I post this. I hope you allow for this little "laudation", even if you never heard their forum names.

    I just found this review by indiegamehunt of a game of which existence I also know for years now. TowerClimb by Davio and Quazi:


    It's a review each game developer would (and should) be proud of.

    And of course, it's also on his list of (let me quote himself) "Favorite (Yeah, Pretty Much the Best) Indie Games of 2015":


    That was a very long pregnancy, guys! I hope your baby will prove worth it

  • Looks very good!

    I don't really have the time to play it now, but I added it to my steam wishlist and I'll check it out later, cheers!

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  • Hehe thanks tulamide!

    We admittedly worked on the game on and off over the 5 years it was in development, but in the end all that time lead to us making it a really unique and giant game, that were EXTREMELY proud of as our first real "complete" game. We took breaks when we felt we had no good ideas or ran out of momentum, but always came back literally building a world that grew higher and higher. We wanted the game to blow people away, and our reviews so far have been so overwhelmingly positive and amazing. Even if the game never becomes a huge commercial success i have to say its a game im proud to have spent all that time on. Ive heard people call it their "favourite game", so that alone makes me feel tremendously moved that our work had a profound effect like that on someone, even if its only been a handful of people.

    Im really proud of that review, when i first read it i was so excited about how well the reviewer captured the essence of what our game feels like as an experience, and glad the experience was exactly the one we had tried to create!

    Its amazing how far we took the game using construct classic, the number of hacks it uses to get things to work is crazy (it supports splitscreen.. For up to 25 players), and even though we regret not using a more port-friendly engine we acknowledge the game probably would have never existed without construct! So im also very grateful to Ashley and the original other members of Scirra like davo and tom who worked on CC.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Amazing job, great work dude, you and your team !

  • I remember seeing footage if this ages ago, I didn't realise it was still in development. Will be picking it up asap. Great work guys.

  • Quazi has always been making amazing things in CC since he first started with it (eg: Mega Thumb: Dream Match http://gamejolt.com/games/mega-thumb-dream-match/3161 ), but TowerClimb was always amazing even before it made it onto Steam! Really glad that it's getting some recognition <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

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