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  • I understand adding "Keyboard Input" if keys are used during game play, because you have to define the key functions, but if they are only being used to type is it really needed? Entering a player name for example.

    Some mobile devices have a mouse or have the ability to be hooked up to one. Does "Touch Input" work with a mouse if exported to another device?

  • depends.

    you can make "fake keyboard" - all buttons as sprites, and when you press one of the buttons - add that letter to the name.

    of course you'd have to make delete key / every button key / delete all key.

    when you use keyboard it automatically gives you available android/ios keyboards. but they can't be stylized. or integrated inside game, they appear above game.

  • So if I only had one field in the whole game that required keyboard for input, but the rest of the game is mouse or touch, I still have to add keyboard? I am asking if smart devices will automatically recognize input fields and bring up keyboard or if keyboard input has to be added into the project so the device will recognize a text field?

  • you can implement that or use existing keyboard as it works normally.

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  • Hello im a newbie in construct2. im glad to ask to you all, how do I create a virtual keyboard that can link to a keyboard plugin to type sprite fonts in a typing game? I got trouble here. thank you so much before

  • You don't want to link a virtual keyboard to a real keyboard, doing so gets rid of the purpose of the virtual keyboard.

    A virtual keyboard is an on screen keyboard made up of sprite objects.

    This allows you to control how the user types things into the game.

    The Keyboard plugin allows the user to just type using the keyboard that is in their device.

    If you use sprites for a font you will have to create an object for each letter. You may want to look up web fonts instead. ... ext-object ... -web-fonts

    You can upload the font files into the game, it doesn't need internet access to use them.

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