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  • 2 days ago (naelian) made a tutorial for us to support WASD keys instead of arrows keys while i don't like WASD and (CodeMasterMike) wanted Dvorak keyboard so what we should do?? o.o the idea is that we want something to support everything.

    when we see the PC games like shank, rayman, battlefield, callofduty... all of them has option of the keys you can use whatever you want joystick, mouse,keyboard so why we can't do that ?? why can't we put a textbox with value this value can be stored in the keyboard so event will be like this:

    when (text box1) key pressed > player move right and we can set a default value for each textbox like in this example (right-arrow) and so on in all the keys ^^ i hope we can see this soon

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  • Custom key mapping would be great, although there is already a plugin for it:

    (Plugin) Keycode - Scirra Forums

    by Wastrel

  • My real "tutorial" was created today ! ... i just provide a quick answer to those wanted to support in games the most commonly used international keyboards layout.

    I edit this tutorial to give also "good WASD" like keys for "DSK" Dvorak Simplified Settings Keyboard but i really think this keyboard is pretty unused.

    If you want to give your game a really good keyboard management you can ask the player to choose between different pre-defined keyboard settings and activate the good managing "group" .... it's also available if you want to use gamepad with or instead using keyboard and so on.

    Another way is to let the user choose all "triggers" for each actions using several devices. For keyboard i've not found a C2 plugin managing keyboard user define keys ... so also store/load user key settings and managing conflicts when a player want to choose a already used key for another action.

    So i really think creating a unified all input device plugin is a very hard work ... the problem here is that devices can't do the same thing using the same "way" ... so if i can move more slowly pressing "up" and "down" at the same time .... a gamepad could not do this using only the standard 8-dir pad and a joystick can do this but slowly moving "up" ... so each devices need specific triggers for each actions. In fact it's perhaps more difficult to bring your game a good device management than creating the real game core ! ...

  • hmmm yes i know we can't make the player to choose his keys that's why i made this topic to make it in todo list ^^ but about the game you said if i clicked down+up it will slow in the controller you can make it R2+L2 or up from left analog and down from right analog, even squar + circle ( im talking about PS3 controller there is some more professional controller for PC ).

    and about asking people in what keys i should use its really hard to keep asking in every game they everyone going to give me his own keys so ill lost in this way.

    (my opinion:" if i didn't like the keys i don't play the game ^^ ")

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