Use keyboard to move events in eventsheets

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  • Hi.

    I would love to see an easy option of moving events, groups around in your event sheet, with a keyboard kombination in stead of having to drag and drop with the mouse.

    One cool thing would be to hold shift + alt down and then be able to move the events in and out, up and down using the arrow keys.

    That would make reorganizing your eventsheets so much easier.

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  • I'd find that really useful too, as well as a left/right option for managing event indentation because this sometimes sucks with drag and drop.

  • Im going to agree.

    I either suck with the drag and drop, or it simply does not work as intended most of the time.


    I find myself trying to drag things as sub events, and they won't go where I want.

    Or Trying to move one event above another, and it wont let me put it there because it tries to become a sub event.

    simply moving the order of events around is a hassle

    Sometimes I want an to rearrange a group, but things will become unintended subevents. Or things refuse to be subevents. Some items simply refuse to cooperate!

    I shouldn't have to battle my events for 10+ minutes simply because I realized something works better under a different group. or should be added to a subevent.

  • This is the most annoying thing about the user interface. I hope this will be fixed for Construct 3. Keyboard shortcuts for moving events up/down and left/right (indentation) might work well.

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