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  • Something I think would be very handy are some extra keyboard commands for the event editor. As it is, you can already type your way through the event wizard - with these, I think it would satisfy the people who like to type code, and assist those who like to do the one hand on keyboard, other on mouse method.

    E: New event below

    Shift-E: New event above

    S: New subevent

    C: New condition

    A: New action

    D: Toggle disabled

    G: New group

    F: New comment (not sure which key would be best for it - W?)

    Space - collapse/uncollapse groups

    left arrow - if an action is selected, it selects the nearest condition to the left. If a condition is selected, it selects the event. Right arrow goes in the opposite direction.

    Up/down arrows - goes up and down in the currently selected column.

    Holding shift with up/down selects multiple ACES in that column.

    Holding ctrl up/down moves the ACE in the column.

    Also handy would be the ability to set the keys used in the properties - I for invert is far away from the other keys, for example.

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  • I like the way C2 is, but shortcuts would be nice, specially when using the QWER-ASDF-ZXCV grid =]

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