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  • Hi,

    I keep having trouble with saving the project.

    I continuously save the project presssing the save icon. I also see periodic autosaves, and yet, sometimes when the project file crashes -- the current version of the game file (capx file) can date back a day, and misses alot. I then go back to most recently autosaved file (tmp or otherwise), and find an almost up to date file -- with some items missing.

    I have no idea why this behavior happens, and its extremely frustrating. I never know, when the project was indeed saved or not.

    Does anyone else experiences such problems?



    p.s. I am using the most recent C2 version ...

  • Hi

    Not sure but I have had this issue in the past and I felt it was related to the anti virus. Tell it not to scan capx files.

    I have a newer machine now and I do not have this issue any more.

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  • Thanks!,

    Indeed I have an antivirus running. I now excluded the folder.


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