Jumpthru while not jumping issue

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  • It seems that the jumpthru behavior acts as solid when the platform control isnt jumping. Anyone else experience this?

    As simple test is to make a jumpthru slope (45 degree angle single pixel thick line) and then a normal jumpthru platform (mines 16x16 stretched to 16x64) Make the platform meet the top of the slope and then walk up the slope and youll see that when the top of the player hits the platform its solid and you slide against it and thru the slope. If you jump it acts as expected.

    Anyone know any work arounds besides not having jumpthru platforms at the top of slopes?

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  • Jumpthrough is supposed to act as a solid that you can jump through either up or down. I believe that is the expected behavior. That way the player can still run on the platform once they jump onto it.

    I have noticed some oddities with it though, I tend to get a slight invisible ledge just below the edges of my jumpthrough platforms. If the player jumps and just misses the edge of the jumpthrough they tend to float just below it for about half a step, then continue to fall as normal.

    Ashley is this expected behavior?

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