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  • I found an old platform engine I was working on and was wondering if anyone wanted to help finish it. It has 80 animations for the character and there is room for more if needed. I have many of the basic platforming done but am lacking ledge hang, ledge climb, wall slide, wall jump, flying, and swimming. I'm trying my hardest to ensure all the basic platforming is bug-free right now. There are a few contradictions in the code, such as air attack animations not finishing on landing, but that shouldn't be too difficult to fix. The code is well documented, in case anyone was wondering.

    The problem is this: being a C2 project, simply uploading it for everyone to consume might result in not getting any help at all finishing it, as developers might take what I've done and run with it (which I honestly don't mind, but I would rather we finish it so everyone can have access to a robust and free engine).

    I would like to first start a discussion on how this can be done between us here online, collaborating, with (I hope) a small group of three or so focusing on perfecting it.

    IF IF IF we cannot come to a conclusion on this, I will finish it and sell it as an engine in the Scirra store (there is NOTHING this complete that I've seen on there). But if it's a group effort, I really don't care if it's freely available for EVERYONE to use.

    A few points to make:

    • I am using Chumbucket's sprite sheet found here: https://opengameart.org/sites/default/files/male_character_outline_final.png
    • Using this sprite sheet, mixing and matching, I have 80 animations available on the character sprite object as of now
    • The graphics have been resized using an HQ2x filter so the default engine can be a higher resolution than the sprite sheet would allow to look as nice. Sprites are 96x96
    • The engine employs the "MVC" structure (Model View Controller) for doing the code, this way various branches of the code can be disabled without affecting the basic engine
    • Most graphics can be re-used for other moves, and if necessary new animations can be added for more moves

    This all being said, before I put it to the public, I would like to know the best way to go about getting a team together for this to finish up.

    To test the engine out as it stands now, please visit this link: http://roracle.byethost8.com

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