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  • Hi there everyone.

    I found a little problem with the "jump thru" behavior of the platforms in my game.

    I don't use the normal controls for moving the player, I use K to jump and the arrows to move, and to fall down a jump thru you have to press both down and K.

    Problem is that this only works as long as the player IS INSIDE or BELOW another object with jump thru, I have this "stairs" that are essentialy a large pile of blocks with Jump Thru behavior one over the other, and you can step on each one and fall of each one no problem, as long as it's not the top one

    If you're standing on the top block, you wont be able to fall thru it... any ideas as to why this is happening?

    (This worked just fine before r109-111)

    Here's an example of my problem:


  • Am I really the only one having this problem? :(

    Come on guys! please! T___T someone help me! is this a bug? is it my fault? Why did it work before and now it just doesn't?

  • Perhaps related to this problem? scirra.com/forum/topic60578.html

    There have been some tweaks to the behavior which might have broken that functionality.

    If it doesn't work, you've got a small simple capx that shows it and you're sure it isn't a problem with your events, file a bug report instead.

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  • Mmmh... it does sound similar, I didn't want to fill a bug report until I was sure that it was indeed a bug and not me doing something dumb... all right, I'll fill a report then, thanks a bunch man :)!

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