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  • Hi,

    I've been developing a project that has grown to a number of event sheets holding functions. call it my own problem, but I lose track of which event sheet is holding which functions.

    it would be nice if you could right-click or something that would let you jump from the instance to the code behind the instance.

    I know I could name all my instances properly, but a good IDE should help you with things like this as projects get bigger.


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  • That would be nice, I remember Visual Basic having something like that. (I forget what it was called now.)

    It would be nice if the same command jumped to the corresponding Function, or Layer, or jump down each corresponding variable throughout the code, But that may be asking a bit much.


    My solution I came up with was that all my functions go in an event sheet named Functions.

  • Paradox, I hadn't thought about your extra suggestions, but chasing a variable or an object would be really valuable.

    I already name the functions according to the different event sheets, but you hit limits eventually if you'd like to partition function sheets by functionality.


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