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  • Ashley I've noticed that jQuery is one of the bottleneck in performance, especially under PhoneGap. So my question is, for what exactly is construct using it for? Just for the resizing or is tangled inside the engine?

    How do I remove it?

  • Here

    Note: Read the thread to see what he decided at the time.

  • Well when I was tinkering with Game Closure I ended up just not loading jQuery. The program still worked. So you can try removing jquery and see if that does anything.

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  • Index I was aware of that, but there is no indication for what exactly is jQuery being used in vanilla Construct2 I mean plugins aside..

    jayderyu good to know I'll try to test. OT: This means that you got C2 working with Game Closure?

  • jQuery should be doing mostly nothing, how do you know it's causing the performance bottleneck?

    It's used heavily for form controls, and occasionally for aligning the canvas in web-based games.

  • I have C2 workign with Game Closure on the web simulator no problem. I have C2 working starting to work with GC on Android. But I received an error that looks like GC has a problem I need to get over. So until I get around the GC error I'm not sure that C2 will for sure work.

    When it work I will update in the GC thread. Also I will use the bouncing gravity ball test that I posted on the web with comparisons to CJS.

    However I was able to remove jquery. It wasn't needed. Thanks to Ash letting me know that it can be removed :)

  • Ashley I really can't find it now so I can't give you the citation. There is a presentation about mobile HTML5 games in which they presented data showing that jQuery severely slows down mobile web application especially under phonegap. Factually if you do a quick web serch there is plenty of people having issues with speed + jquery.

    One of the things I noticed myself is that PhoneGap fps increase exponentially the less js there is. Between Construct2 minified and unminified there is a difference of 5fps which is huge, it's safe to assume just from that that having one less js file can give a perfomance improvement.

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