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  • im trying exporting to jpg format , its an animation that would be used as background so i figured i could use jpg compression

    but after exporting, every frame is a seperate file, why is it not on an image sheet ? The same file gets sheeted with png setting..

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  • The tool they use for that is called pngout.

    I suspect it's only for pngs.

  • newt i think the extra compression is pngout , like optimizing 8bit png color, but sprite sheeting is done by the engine (i think) ... if you can set your animation to jpg, it should sheet it.. why not?

  • This is probably deliberate, since jpg compression can create artifacts that would effect the other images in the sprite sheet.

  • I always assumed pngout was spritesheets, and pngcrush compression.

    Anyway what R0j0 said makes sense. Everytime you edit a jpg you have a chance of getting artifacts.

    That and the no alpha thing.

  • Would have liked to see the result, its maybe an edge case but i have a spacescene looping background, pretty fast, so compressing might have not been such an issue, also alpha is not needed, its probably best scenario for using jpg

    the seperate jpg frames at 80% quality are smaller then 8bit png sheeted ones, and look pretty good, so i thought jpg sheeting might squeeze the filesize even more.

    my results are for 24 frames using 510*510 texture

    png lossless 10mb sheeted

    8bit png 3,5mb sheeted

    jpg 80% 1,4mb at 48 kb per image

    I try an online test too see how it looks with the jpg

  • Well i got it to 1mb at 80 jpg, but the images are not sheeted

    it still looks pretty good and close to source

    the idea was to use this as a background an build some cockpit graphics ontop, maybe like intbetween levels, so alpha is actually not needed

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