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  • My name is Nyako Mikkuelle and I am the CEO of iFli Online, an entertainment company with a foundation based around all things gaming. There are multiple companies within the umbrella of iFli Online but I am focused on one at the present moment. That one being the gaming faction.

    At the present moment, iFli Gaming is in construction. I am looking to take on partners to help build the company. Those partners will have the responsibility of maintaining a great working habit and help to bring any project worked on to life.

    I am in search of people with the following skills:


    Level Designer

    Graphic Artist

    Sound Artist

    Internet Support

    Multiplayer Support

    Character Artist

    Sprite Maker

    Animation Designer

    Ad Support

    If you have any of these skills and want to be a part of the team then please message me and I will get back to you asap. Pay is based on the work load unless partnered under contract.

    If you have a portfolio feel free to add it in your message. Hope to hear from you.


    Work when you want, how you want and where you want. Be your own boss with the potential to make millions.

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