Jittery Physics (Solved)

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  • For quite a while I've had an issue with I've got multiple physics objects stacked (despite having 0 elasticity)

    They appeared to be jittery/bouncy/unstable and this was down to pixel rounding. I was looking for quite a while for fixes and causes of this problem; Now I've solved it I figured id post it here for others who may encounter this torment in the future.

    Thinking about it now it would appear to be quite obvious, the collision polygon could sit above the half pixel moving it up and falling down or moving down and bouncing back up because of the collision.

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  • Wow, I ended up doing something really convoluted the last time I ran into this issue by making all the objects immovable until collided with, yielding mixed results.

    I thought the pixel rounding was purely a visual thing.

    I always wonder how games like Angry Birds solve it, whether they use a totally different engine, or a heavily modded version of Box2d when it comes to their rather complex layouts.

  • I thought so too, I've tried a lot of things including increasing my density by 100x, ramping up the linear and angular dampening. Not sure how it effects performance though I've only tested on my S3 since the change. It appears fine but It'll have some negative effect, its just how big.

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