Jitters in scrolling after export to html or node-webkit

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  • I have a strange problem with jittering while scrolling, the strangest thing is that this does not happens when previewing the project from the capx, only after exporting to html5 or node-webkit.

    I am printing the fps to the browser log, when i walk to the edge of the screen the scene scrolls, when previewing fps remains on a steady 60, after export there are some small drops but nothing below 55, i don't know why, but still it's high enough, it shouldn't jitter.

    The other strange thing is after i scroll a few times back and forth, it stops jitter and remains on a steady 60 fps.

    Has anyone encountered this problem or have any suggestion on how to fix this?

    Here is an online link of the game, press skip (to skip tutorial, then walk around in the house).

    https://ea14537672eb44ada25c6048dea91f1 ... Z0M05MN0k/

    oh and my scrolling event is:

    scroll to

    lerp(scrollx, scrollToX, 1*dt)

    lerp(scrolly, actor_joe.Y, 1*dt)

    scrollToX is var i change when i need to push the camera around.

    In this case when the actor is at a certain distance from the edge of the viewport.

  • Have you tried the latest beta (currently r181)? Node-webkit have fixed some issues with freezes/performance recently, and the latest betas include the latest node-webkit releases.

  • No i didn't see there was a 181 version, downloading it now!

    GREAT feature addon - global layer, brilliant!

  • Ashley I update the link with an export from 181r, it still happens (it's more severe in node-webkit, on 180 as well).

  • - does it only happen in node-webkit or does it also happen in Chrome? Your link is to a game that runs in the browser, not a node-webkit download.

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  • Ashley It happens in both, just more severe in nodewebkit which is the platform I want the final product to run on.

    I am not home now and I didn't upload the 181 version, but here's the 180 one which works the same:

    https://googledrive.com/host/0B3JLq-yXZ ... /lofPC.zip

  • - it runs perfectly in Chrome here. Can you reproduce on any other machines or other browsers like Firefox/IE?

  • I tested it on two machines, I didn't try ie or Firefox since nodewebkit is chrome based but ull try when I'll be next to a computer.

    How does the node version runs on your machine?

  • Just tried you're NW download and it's smooth - no jitter at all.

    Nice looking game BTW.

    My system, in case: Win 7 64bit, GTX 560 Ti 1GB

  • zenox98 Thanks for testing and i am glad you liked it!

    Ashely I tried it in firefox, same jitters, on IE it doesn't load at all, but i don't really mind.

    What really baffles me is that it doesn't happens when i preview the project, in preview it runs smoothly, is there any difference in rendering between preview and export?

  • I'm not sure if it's just because I haven't used Construct in a long time, but I experienced horizontal jittering while scrolling and using HTML5 or the node-webkit exporter. I haven't tested it on multiple machines, so I don't know if it's related to my computer or not.

    Anyway, I was able to remove the jitter by adding a round() function to my X coordinate. It must have incremented the screen coordinates in decimals and not whole numbers, which seems to have been a problem for my project.

    I have pixel rounding and point sampling enabled if that happens to be of any additional help!

  • I have the same problem and I followed your instructions but it didn't work at all for me. It just fixed it a bit when previewing in node-webkit but when I export it's just as bad. It works fine when I preview in browser. Any ideas?

  • I tried rounding the values, didn't help

  • Seems like my problem was the result of something different on my end. Sorry it couldn't help!

  • Ok i've isolated the problem, my main character has 15 animation, 16 frames each, 512x512 size and he will have more.

    If i remove all the animations and leave just one (i didn't try to see where is the breaking point), it runs smoothly.

    I know it's a lot, but i have a I5 3.4GHz processor and 16GB of ram, this should be a walk in the park and it does works good in preview mode.

    Ashley Do you have any suggestions? maybe load the animations on the fly from a url?

    A preload/load on demand property for animations within the sprites would be great for issues like this.

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