Jittering on a simple scrolling project

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  • Hello everyone,

    I need some help, i'm having troubles with a project, i was planning on making a fast passed scrolling type game (you have to dodge things and collect coins) for mobiles.

    But i'm seeing some jittering. My fps (mainly 60fps on the main project) and cpu / memory usage is fine.

    Here a simplified capx for exemple (it even happens on something so simple).

    The background isn't moving smoothly (some times it's worse than others) .

    I know the background is pretty big (i used a tiledbackground for this test, but it was the same with a sprite background).

    Any suggestion to improve the performances ? (Knowing i'm planning on having multiple backgrounds, items and ennemies spawning.)

    I have tested this on various computers, chrome (lastest version) / firefox / ie, and multiple Construct2 versions (lastest beta too). Having always the same result.

    Thanks for the help.

  • I'm using latest Firefox and I'm not seeing any jittering at all.

  • I'm using latest Firefox and I'm not seeing any jittering at all.

    Thanks for your feedback, on firefox and ie the jitter is actually way lower, but it still happens sometimes, like every 2 - 3 secs (way more visible on a bigger project), some may consider this like a minor problem, but if you are aiming for some fast passed movement game (for mobiles and web), it can be really frustrating (considering Chrome is widely used).

    Ashley previously posted on another post, that micro stuttering problem could be a Garbage collection issue, but it's unlikely for this project (considering the size off this example capx).

  • I ran it for a full 60 seconds and it didn't jitter at all - perfectly smooth scrolling, as far as my tired old eyes could discern.

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  • It's jittering for me as well, much worse in chrome then in firefox. At first in firefox I didn't even notice it.

  • Firefox - jittering

    Chrome - jittering

    Internet Explorer - small jitter every a few seconds

    summary: you can do nice HTML5 games, but you can't play them well

  • Try it with Node 10.5... I would but I'm using my phone....

  • i have jittering too in Firefox 34.0.5 but i thought thats the normal jitter thats happening in the current browser versions?

  • Node 10.5 is very smooth with no stutter at all.

  • Node 10.5 is pretty smooth, even with streaming/fraps (which was a concern of mine):


    Switch it to 720p 60fps mode. I've got a few mega parallax BGs, 9600 pixels large overlap.

    My disk is a bit slow so when I fraps in 60 fps (so many gigs of writes) mode, I get stutter. When I tried it on a better system it was fine.

    Here's my own gameplay vid via fraps:

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  • Thanks for the responses guys, i will do some tries with node 10.5 (and then on my main project). I let you know what happens. (Hope Chrome fix that soon)

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