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  • I'm making a top-down shooter with Rexu's LOS code running for the enemies and the player, so a crosshairs object disappears if the player can't actually 'see' what they're aiming at.

    I thought it was working perfectly until I linked the player angle to the crosshairs (so that if the angle of the crosshairs is +- 45 degrees from the current angle, the player turns to face the crosshairs), what seems to happen is when the line-of-sight code runs, the position of the crosshairs goes completely random at every tick and as a result whenever you get close to a wall or aim behind it you end up spinning around randomly as well.

    What's supposed to happen is, the opacity of the crosshairs just turns off or on depending on whether they have line of sight.

    I don't even know what to try here because I can't even figure out what would be causing it.


  • I will ask mu friends about this one... you might want to consider starting your project over. Since you have all of your assets now, it shouldn't take too long, especially with C2s amazing developing speed. Plus, it will most likely get rid of any bugs in your program. Just go slowly when designing a video game. That way you don't add any unwanted behaviors, or mess up an event.

  • Before taking StephenC's suggestion to heart, if you want someone to help you should post a capx for us to look at first. That way we can get a better grasp on what the problem is.

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  • sorry... I added the link to the capx in the html file itself:


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