Jerky 'Scroll To' results?

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  • Hi, I am making an RPG with my son and we have run into a weird visual issue where it seems the 'Scroll To' behavior is giving weird results. The only clues I have are that I'm using something wrong with either 'Scroll To', Pins, or 8Direction. The other thing is that I have a very large layout of 5000x5000. The full game is even bigger at 10,000x10,000. However, the layout size doesn't seem to make a difference with the severity of the jerkiness though when I was testing this..

    I have linked my capx below which is a stripped down version of the full game. It's still showing the weird visual jerk movement though.

    Movement keys are 'W' = up, 'A' = left, 'S' = down, 'D' = right. If you move left and right or up and down, do you notice a jerking movement every few seconds? Do you know how to fix this?

    Thank you in advance for any help

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  • I can't recreate your problem, but looking at your capx, I see a lot of things running every tick that don't need to be.

    for example, if A key is down, you are setting mirrored, setting an animation, and setting an angle - all every tick that A is down. all of those things only need to happen ONCE - the moment the A key is pressed.

    A lot of those things running every tick will translate to your game slowing down and in some cases (setting the animation, for example) will cause things not to work the way you want..

    So my advice is try separating the things that only need to happen once from the things that do need to happen constantly, and see if that helps.

  • had a look . no jerking or janking for me. looks like you may have updated the file since your original post tho.....

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