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  • I have created my game in Construct2 but one issue I have is every 4 seconds or so the sprites jerk slightly in the game. There are only 5 or 6 sprites on the screen.

    I have also reduced the collision points to the absolute minimum - between 4 and 6.

    Each sprite is 120x65. There are 5 frames repeating at a speed of 7 but even with just 1 frame it still jerks.

    No particles/effects/scale/flip/blend modes used.

    I have tried everything to reduce this and it occurs on my PC in Firefox (or IE). Same issue on my iPad (iPad4 - 1024mb RAM, retina display).

    Using the CocoonJS app I get 62FPS. I have built the game in the Cocoon cloud and the issue is also there.

    I am using r139 64 bit, OpenGL 3.3.11672.

    The game - download size 19.3 mb, memory use 158mb (was 173mb but after optimizing I have it down to 158).

    Background image - 122kb

    Layers - 4 (bg, main, HUD, Touch controls)

    Use loader layout - No

    Pixel rounding - On

    Preview browser (default)

    Fullscreen in browser - Scale

    Use iOS retina display - All devices

    Enable WebGL - On

    Sampling - point

    Clear backgrround - No

    My PC - Win 7 64 3Ghz, 3Gb RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4800 (latest driver).

    So I'm stuck right now - please help!

  • can you post a link/cap of your game?

    you need to provide more info because it could be just a simple image point misplaced on one of the frames or something off scirra engine, like a extension is being loaded behind your browser, causing it some sort of lag...

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  • Are you using bullet behavoir or bounce? I had something similar in a game I am making using Cocoon. Lags when objects bounce =( I have not found a fix yet

  • I've been trying to narrow this down....

    My game features pretty much just two sprites on each layout - player and enemy. The same enemy is just spawned again. I have switched enemies from different layouts and it seems not to be an issue such as an image point with a sprite.

    As mentioned it happens with the browser, in Cocoon launcher and in my Cocoon built app so its coming from Construct2 as not all the devices can be at fault.

    I am using bullet behaviours - will try some sprites without them and see what happens.

  • No it happens with sprites that just use Custom Movement also.

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