jerking in cocoonjs compiled apk

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  • Received this email from team ludei ---___ The problem of the jerkiness is not caused by Cocoon. The problem is that you are creating 13 textures every time you press "Try again". That is why it is so jerky. Not sure how to solve this issue using C2, I am sorry./ ........

    • if I could get a little help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  • You should check again what events are triggered by "Try again" button

    and improve them.

    in my case Construct 2 by ludei works perfectly smooth, much better than Node-Webkit or Chrome on PC

  • On object tryagain touched -Wait 0.5 seconds/go to layout (Game)

  • Also there is a jolt during play in c2 preview browsers Internet explorer seems to work fine

  • thats it

  • if i cannot find a way to improve the performance i wont be able to publish this game as it is playable but still jolts and will not have the users coming back!

  • szymek- are you using bullet motion in your project and is there any jolting

  • you posted the try again event but not the Game At start of layout events they could be causing your issue. Also if your changing layouts it has to load the images that arnt in memory. You should check your exported images sizes if you have abnormal sprite sizes your images could be taking up alot of memory.

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  • i created a new test project with just 1 layout 1tiled background and a floor in bullet motion from right to left to see if its actually got anything to do with memory usage and when i tested it again in the launcher it was exactly the same jerkiness.

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