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  • Hi Community!

    I am currently working on a single device multiplayer game. It's going to be playable by 2-4 players. The main Idea is that every player got his control panels in one corner of the device.

    I started with somewhat of a joystick and a 8-direction movement.

    Here's a quick overview of the game mechanics:

    old version

    But then i thought if i create 4 more buttons to let everybody shoot, a mobile device might get overloaded with so many touch inputs. That's why I came up with the Idea to let them automatically shoot at certain different time intervals. I didn't really like that Idea so i started all over.

    I came up with 3 buttons for each player. 2 to let them move left and right, while they automatically move forward and 1 Button to let them shoot. Here's a quick overview how it should look like:

    second version

    The first layout is considered to be the later Main Menu where every player can drag the desired Character in their corner. They will of course look different when the game is finished. Dragging a Character in a corner will lock this player in and the control panel will show up in this corner when the game goes to the next layout.

    After locking in the characters the players can either choose between the green and the red button which stands for normal and crazy mode.

    In this preview the red player can be controlled with

    A - Left

    S - Shoot

    D - Right

    In normal mode the players will fight against each others for kills. It's possible to collect power up's (yet only speed buff). I guess there will be something like a time- or kill- limit to terminate the game. And if a Character gets out of the layout he will die.

    In crazy mode the controlos are the same but the players shot cooldown will be reduced by every kill he gets. After death, his cooldown to shoot will be reset to default. If two or more players collide with each other they will either get bigger (so it's easier to hit them) or they will get slowed (which will become an easy to hit target too). Size and speed of course will also get reset on death. It is planned to make snake-like layout boundaries where you teleport to the opposite side of the map if you leave it.

    I am planning to release the game with CocoonJS after I finished the normal mode and included all the graphics which will be made from two creative talented friends of mine. (the characters will be Jellyfishes) I am not sure about the platform of the first release yet since my Apple developer Account will expire in less than 10 days.

    If it's completely free for google play store i will focus on that one.

    It will only be available for tablets / iPads since the phone screens are too small to enjoy the game.

    After releasing on Android and iOS or if the game need too much resources for these mobile devices i want to make a OUYA release.

    There are various different Power Up's in development and I am constantly trying to improve my event's aswell.

    I really want to get this done so i'm going to make some threads on things where i stuck the next days. I will link them all on this thread and I'd be happy if you could see wheather you can give me a hint.

    There's a lot to do left but I would like to know your opinion about it.

    • How do you like the game Idea?
    • What would you change or do different?
    • Have you got any other comments?



    EDIT 07.11.2013:

    I just created a Thread where I describe my biggest problem right now:

    Handling 4 players and combine events

    This is and old thread which also describes my problem and no one ever answered:

    Old Thread

    EDIT 11.11.2013:

    Check out my latest version with cooldown system and movement control are actually finished on this one.

    Latest version 11.11.13

    Have a look at my discussion Thread aswell!

    Handling 4 players. Combine Events

    EDIT 12.11.2013 Thread Post:

    Allright guys I got pretty much uf my stuff to work.

    I worked with sub-events.

    This is what I came up with for my cooldown behaviour:

    Live Demo

    with these little events I achieved more or less the best cooldown system i ever had xD I didn't test it on a mobile device for multiple touch inputs at the same time but i really hope it works lol

    (edit: url did not work for some reason)


    EDIT: ignore the animation frame for now. It does not reset properly, If you have a good solution feel free to write me.

    This is the new array which i store almost all information about players in. (edit: url did not work)

    y0 - player number

    y1 - wheather a shoot button is on cooldown or not

    y2 - custom cooldown time, can easily be reduced on kill

    y3 - amount of degrees I change the bullet.angleOfMotion while a movement key is in touch.

    y4 - bullet.speed of each character .. very easy to change if someone picks up a speed power up for example.

    y5 - player kills ...

    y6 - bullet speed ..

    y7 - animation / "skin"

    and so on ..

    this is my movement example which i also reduced the events a lot.

    Live Demo


    If you have any questions about the array just ask.

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  • That's a really cool idea. I love the idea of tablet multiplayer games. I like this idea. I'm working on one myself right now. just a quick game. Looking forward to seeing this more :)

  • jayderyu

    Thanks for you feedback! Have you introduced yours yet?

    I just posted a big problem i need help with.

    Combine Events

    Maybie you know a good solution since it seems like you're creating something similar.

  • I haven't introduced my game yet.

    I'll take a look today when I have more time. But my games gameplay is much simpler. The only control is tap the screen in your favour. No buttons or anything to speak of.

  • Check out my thread with the Problem


    I came up with a pretty good solution in my opinion.

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