Issues with writing to <user>\AppData with NW.js?

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  • Has anyone encountered issue when attempting to write inside the AppData\local or \roaming folders with C2? I've found that writing to the root of the user folder, e.g. "<USER> & savedata.json" works just fine, but when C2 is coded to create and write to a new path inside AppData, it runs into a call stack error (because of infinitely recursive functions).

    I'm not sure if this is simply because of an error on my part, or whether there is some functional difference between permissions inside the root of the user folder and the AppData folder inside of it. I assume that you have to use the NW.js action "Create folder" before you can write to a new folder as well? My exported project has had about a 50% success rate with writing successfully to the desired AppData sub-folder, and the other 50% of the time results in a crash right away. This was tested on about 15 different computers and configurations of Windows.

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