Issues with Windows Phone 8.1

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  • I am working on an alarm clock app, and I have a need for seamless looping of audio files. This works fine on Android, but as we know, IE introduces a gap in the loop. This makes my app completely unusable (the loop is for white noise while you're trying to sleep). I made a hacky workaround by forcing it to overlap (every 20 seconds, it starts a 2nd sound and turns off the 1st 0.04 seconds later). This fixes the problem on Windows, but introduces an overlap blip on Android. So, I added the Windows 8 object and said "if win8 do the loop fix". This works. I now have sound on Android looping well, and sound on Windows 8 looping ok (close enough). However, I want my app to be a universal app for Windows Phone too. How can I target Windows Phone? If my app is universal, I would think the Windows 8 object would work, but it doesn't recognize the WP8 device.

    Any idea how I can work around this? Are there any plans to better support Universal Windows apps, allowing us to target Win8, WP8, or both?

    *note: I have now been able to get this to work with the Windows Phone plugin, but most of those conditions are now obsolete, so I would rather see native support.


  • Can you send me your SLN file? or at least all the debug info you have? I have a thread open for this on MSDN.

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  • After some testing, I could no longer get the Windows Phone plugin to work at all. So for now, since I'm using the IntelXDK for Android, I have a really ugly way of doing it: If NOT IntelXDK -> If Windows 8 (do something for Windows), Else (do something else for WP).

    My crossfading audio trick seems to work fine for Windows 8.1, but WP8.1 can't handle it. It stutters and lags. I'm still trying to find a workaround.

    More importantly right now though, in my longer-term testing, I'm finding that WP8.1 is crashing just before the 2 hr mark. I'm not sure if it's related to audio (I'm still testing) but so far, when running the white noise on loop, the app just silently dies around the 1h40m mark. Android has run rock solid for a week (which is important for a full time dedicated alarm clock app!).

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