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  • Hey guys and gals, I am the guy who wrote this series of tutorials on creating a Match 3 puzzle game in C2. I recently updated my version of C2 to R143 so that I could export a new version of the game for the Scirra Arcade, and for some reason some of the code stopped working. The last build I released was in R139 and it worked fine. The issue I'm having deals with the "RemoveSpawnedMatches" function I created. The goal of this function is to make it so that when new Blocks are spawned they don't spawn in a pattern that creates a match. The code gets triggered a few times during the course of the game and I never had any issues with it before, but now it just doesn't seem to work. I was hoping someone might be able to help shed some light on why the code no longer works and how I might be able to fix it. Even if you don't know why it stopped working, if you think of a solution, please let me know.

    Anyway, you can download my CapX here.

  • Have you checked the changelogs?

    There are a couple of changes in 143 that may have caused breakages.

  • I looked them over but the only one which seems to apply is the bug fix to Or blocks and I'm not really sure what it means by it "didn't always pick instances correctly". Does this mean it didn't always choose the right condition within the Or block, or is it something else? Other than that the update seems to have no impact on what I'm doing. If I'm wrong though please say something.

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  • The "Or" changes seems to break few games. I've read somewhere that someone else also have problems with the changes. One of the solution maybe need to refer to Ashley . Why not post at Bugs section ?

  • Good idea, thanks.

  • I'm also having problems in 143, I made a post related to that, I think it's something about the changes in the "or" block

    made also a topic in the bug reproducing the problem:

  • I'm having trouble with an "or" block as well.

  • One other change I noticed - not an issue right now for me though - is that after switching to r143 I'm getting consistently framerates above 60 - not "just above", but things like 74 fps, consistently (in NodeWebkit preview).

    I do not know whether C2 allows changing the SYNC ON/OFF option at all (=can't locate such switch), but it seems like by default it is now set to OFF ;-)



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