Issues with Projects Not Saving!!!

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  • Hello,

    I would put this in bugs but I know if the guidelines for bug reports aren't followed exactly they just get closed. For example I don't know how I would get a "working capx" for this.

    Over the past week there has been multiple times when I save a project but after closing the project and re-opening it is not the updated version. I believe it is the version from when first opened.

    This is the best thing to show that I can think of:

    I had my project ("Dave") opened for 2 days working on it. I click save one last time, wait a moment to allow for the save, then exit. When opening Construct back up I notice that in the recent projects the autosave file is listed as the most recent. I open up the project anyway and it is definitely not the most updated version. I take a look in the folder and can see when the files were last updated, showing a 2 day gap in the autosave and the file that was supposedly saved.

    I am using Construct 2 r265, which I believe is the most recent stable version. Personal License.

    Being able to save your work reliably is a pretty basic necessity. I know Construct 3 has been out for a while now and that is the main focus. So I tend not to complain about anything else I find with C2 since I know I'm not using the newest product, but I'm still a paying customer as I purchased the C2 license what seemed like just months before they announced they would be working on C3. I am hoping to upgrade to C3 after releasing a tiny game or two and can justify the monthly expense. I am a huge Construct fan but this kind of shakes my faith in the product a bit—hopefully it is just a bug that gets fixed quickly. With all the options out there it would seem ridiculous to pay for something that can't even save your work reliably.

    Time to open up the autosave and try to see if I can figure out if it missed anything...

  • Well you haven't lost anything, that's why the autosave feature is there. It's going to be difficult to tell what's going on but from the look of it you saved a file called Dave.capx 2 days ago, and since then you have been working on a different file called Dave.capx.capx so maybe you are working on a different capx saved elsewhere and didn't realise. You may have done a save AS over the 2 days and saved AS Dave.capx.capx in a different location and continued working thinking it was the same file, meanwhile the autosaves continue to go in the same location.

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  • 1) I assure you I did not save AS, I try to keep very organized.

    2) I DID lose something. I know minutes vs days may seem like I should look on the brighter side, but with a complicated project where you spend a lot of time testing and fixing you may not realize for some time that something you fixed got lost.

    3) The core issue is still there—I click save and it shows that it is saved but it is not. A basic necessity for any program you pay for that you are trying to build a business around.

    I appreciate you trying to be positive here but don't want this to be trivialized as I'm considering taking my future business elsewhere. It could be something I did or just an issue on my computer but I'm 100% positive I did not select SAVE AS instead of SAVE.

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