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  • I'm getting a lot of crashes(not responding) with C2 252 when going back and forth to the browser after adjusting layout sizes.

    Anyone else having something similar?

    Also, possibly unrelated, I had to switch to Firefox as the latest Chrome (r64) had other issues, syncing, videos, as well as half the frame rates other releases had.

    The low frame rate seems to extend to Nwjs as well.

    I'm also experiencing the reported hangs on menu dialogs. These did not exist until the last two C2 releases, at least not in smaller projects.


    Nailed down how to cause the bug

    Still not sure wtf is up with Chrome.

    I'm expecting its all hardware...

  • I'm facing all kinds of issues since the recent Windows 10 updates were applied (related to Spectre I assume) including the resizing issue you mention.

    Everything was running at 60FPS 2 weeks ago on r249. No changes to my game or hardware but the framerate is now fluctuating between 30-60 FPS and for some reason the browser crashes every other time I run my layout - never happened before.

    Same issue across all browsers. Tried upgrading to r252, I noticed a slight improvement but still significantly worse than before the Windows update. No issues with the C2 runtime itself. My Windows Build is 16299.192. Couldn't say what it was before the most recent round of Windows updates.

    Anyone else facing similar issues? I'm hoping that r253 has a magic fix for this as I'm completely out of ideas.

  • W10 does seem pretty guilty, as do the Spectre/ Meltdown updates.

    My question is wtf is it affecting my AMD system.

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  • Ashley are there any more C2 updates planned to address the performance issues caused by the Spectre patches?

    The only solution I can think of is to buy a new processor as I'm currently running a Haswell which apparently is one of the worst affected by Spectre when combined with Windows 10.

  • I'm not sure there's much we can do - it affects all software system-wide, and seems to have slowed down some key parts of Windows. The best we can do is simply bypass those parts, and we've done that for the key event sheet dialogs when you set the icon mode to "Don't show unique icons". Also some users are questioning whether it's actually do to with the meltdown/spectre patches. It might not be, but I don't know of any other patches that have had headline-grabbing performance regressions lately. I guess it could be a dodgy graphics driver update or something else that coincides with it.

  • I'm actually considering devolving back to Windows 7.

    Really the main reason for having Windows 10 was Udp, and its been a joke.

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