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  • Hi everyone,

    I want to create a small menu bar on the left, with a few buttons. The buttons at the start of the level is determined by what power the player chooses, which is why I can't pin the button to the menu bar as they will be different. I am designing this to be used in scale outer mode.

    I anchor the menu bar to the left, than created a few image points on the menu bar for where I want the button to be. I use:

    On variable()

        create object ()

        set position to image point ()

    So here is what I found.

    It works fine in scale outer, but when I test it in the standard letterbox. It constantly creates that object. But if I place a "trigger once" event with it, it doesn't work anymore in both modes, both buttons do not appear. I tried a "on start of layout" event with it, and this time it only worked in the letterbox mode and not the outer scale mode.

    For both cases, I checked the debugger and noticed that in the scenarios where the buttons don't appear, there aren't any instances of it during the game.

    Since I am ultimately planning to use Scale Outer mode, I guess I have already found a way to get it done, but I am curious as to why the different results even if the events are the same?

    Or is the method I am using wrong, and there is a more effective way to get the desired effect.

    Thanks guys!

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