Isometric view types, your opinion plz

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  • Here are two different isometric views im using for my game

    let me get you peoples opinion ^_^

    The first:

    is the traditional isometric view, angled such that if you flipped the level, the walls would still line up

    The second:

    slightly different view, maybe some games use this view, but it is less used than the first

    Pros: of the traditional view:

    1: Everyone is familiar with it

    2: less graphics will be required as wall type can simply be fliped horizontally as apposed to needing both wall types


    Pros of the alternative view:

    1: 90 degree angle wall on the left side, may sinc up with the 8 direction movement a little easier

    2: New view, and in my opinion looks nicer than the tradiional isometric view

    3: slightly less used, so will give players something new to look at in the isometric game world

    so please give me your opinion on which one you think looks better

    or if you can think of any other pros and cons of each

    please note that there will be 8 animation types for the character ie the 8 moveent directions

    edit:   or i can use both and have cool star shaped roms

    OR i can use both and maybe different level types will have different views,

    this of course would require more graphics, and make file size bigger

  • Well, as to what looks better, I'd probably say the second. Mostly as it's more unique. However, it would probably be simpler to work with and create graphics for the first.

  • the second wall types them selves arent really any harder to make than the traditional, its just in general with the second i will need twice as many graphics as the walls cannot flip,

    on the other hand it may have more unique graphics as i dont need to make the other angle completely alike.

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  • I actually prefer the view in the first picture. Yes, it's more traditional, but it's traditional for a reason! :) I would probably enjoy the game either way and don't think the difference is really decisive, but there's some value to familiarity, the "feeling right" aspect.

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