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  • hello

    I have question why . when i testing game in iPhone or iPad

    game turn on gps . and using?

    and when testing in HTC game want to take GPS and accelerometer data ..

    but in my game i don't use something like this .

  • I'm pretty sure it doesn't, I've never seen any C2 game activate the GPS on an Android or iOS device. Are you sure it's not a different app?

  • Ashley when I use my Ipad to test i see a white arrow at the left top side it usually appears when I(or an app) use accelerometer or compass or GPS. When I try the same on my HTC desire with opera browser almost always it crashes :), but when it work it asks me to move the device in given way to init the accelerometer (or compass I don't remember right now), so I think the game uses the accelerometer and I hope I can turn it off from somewhere.

  • Ashley

    In Mouse Object manual is written:

    If you only use left clicks, consider instead using the Touch object with Use Mouse Input set to Yes. This will allow your game to work on touchscreen devices without any further changes.

    In Touch object manual is written:

    The Touch object also provides input from the accelerometer (motion) and inclinometer (tilt/compass direction) if the device supports them.


    How can I use touch object, or touch input without accelerometer or another futures.

    One example when I want to play Game whit touch in my HTC desire

    <img src="http://s18.postimg.org/igfcmifdl/IMG_0076.jpg" border="0">

    I think less users do same operation before playing same game ..

  • Don't you just need to do that once then the compass is calibrated?

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  • I've tried the same on my galaxy tab P1000 with opera browser as you can see on screenshot the dialog box pops up,

    <img src="http://s21.postimg.org/tij6ls847/wtf.jpg" border="0" />

    I've tried to wave the devices (htc and galaxy tab) like he told but useless, the compasses on both devices are calibrated and working. I just need to use touch input without compass (without calibrating anything ), just tell me if you know how can I turn this "Great" feature off?

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