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  • Hello... I have recently been looking for tools to develop for iOS for very non-code-savvy people like me. I was just wondering if someone could tell me how much cOde you have to write with this proogram, how easy it is to develop the game for iOS, and whether or not you need a Mac to develop for iOS using this program (I only have a PC.)

    Thanks for the help.

    EDIT: i just wanted to clarify that by iOS i mean iOS mobile... I am not interested in making games for Mac. The home page of this website does advertise that the games will run on all modern phones.

  • Take a look at the beginner's guide tutorial that will give you an idea of the workload required.

    For your first question you don't really write code (as in a coding language).

    Developping for iOS is the same as developping for a regular browser for a desktop computer, you just have to use the touch object for inputs (instead of mouse/keyboard object) and be sure your project has the correct size settings.

    Construct2 only works on PC for now (there are tips to make it run under linux and/or mac though) but still can export multi-platform projects.

    Check the various tutorials, they should answer all your questions and be sure to download C2's current version to test it out, that's the best way to answer most of your questions.

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  • Thank you for the long and helpful response. It was very informative.

    As you seem so knowledgable, i figure I'll ask you another question. Is it also possible to develop android games with this software? I am more experienced with android and I already habe a developer account, so this would be even better.

    Also, what I was referring to when mentioning PC/Mac was rumors that you need a Mac because PCs don't have xcode. I don't know if this is truev or not...

  • I don't have or develop for phones so I don't know more than I've seen on those forums.

    You can check out this tutorial about making native app with C2 and phonegap as well as this tut about making a iOS webapp with C2.

    There are also threads about all this in the forum I suggest you to have a search with the keyword "phonegap", you might find the infos you need.

    Once again, you develop on your PC in C2 and then export ("compile") to a javascript/html5 format, so the end result IS multiplatform.

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