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  • Great tool for testing your C2 games (Mobile targeted)

    MobiOne Test centre (Windows based iPhone, iPad emulator)

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/MobiOne%20pic.png" border="0">

    Basic 'How to use' :

    1, Start the Test centre

    2, Select iPhone or iPad...portrait...landscape

    3, Enter the URL of your game   eg (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/PLANE%20CRAZY%20DROP%20BOX/index.html)

    4, Test your game.

    Tools Included: View source, DOM inspector, Resource Monitor, Profiler, Debugger, Design centre.

    Also features a Design centre for creating Native IOS applications.


    The traditional approach to iOS application development requires developers to create their apps using Apple?s Objective-C programming tools and Macintosh(tm) hardware. MobiOne runs on your Windows OS (Win7 to XP) hardware and offers developers an alternative cross-platform programming model based on HTML5 open web standards and virtual device services, e.g., contacts, camera, audio... Native iOS applications are created using MobiOne AppCenter?s build services, which package your mobile web application into a native iOS application with full access to native iOS services."

    Downside.....128 meg download.....15 day trial


    Website link

  • Awesome link Chris! can't wait to try it.

  • I don't understand why I should pay 99$ for something that phonegap does for free. I have nothing against these people, but these windows wrapper are not viable right now.

    From their FAQS:

    t is not currently possible to lock an iPhone mobile-web user interface into either portrait-only or landscape-only mode. Until iPhone offers this feature, the next best solution is to provide feedback to the user when the device is in an orientation you don't want to support. You can accomplish this with a small amount of JavaScript code.

    This is a deal breaker for games! You simply can't play a game if the orientation changes, and I don't really understand why, in phonegap is extremely easy to achieve this, just a word of warning.

  • 0plus1 : MobiOne and PhoneGap aren't exactly doing the same thing. With MobiOne, you can develop a specific layout and style visually. PhoneGap just load what you already design.

    The chain tool would then logically be : design with MobiOne, export to HTML, integrate the game from C2, bundle everything in PhoneGap, and export to mobile.

  • MobiOne and Phonegap

    At this time MobiOne PhoneGap support consist of an extended iPhone emulator capable of recognizing and executing the web source code of a PhoneGap application. The iPhone emulator provides an implementation of the PhoneGap version 0.7.4 (v20090810) API. The implemented API consist of:





    Custom Alert



    Activity UI

    Read more

  • MobiOne allows you to test on non-developer designated devices(I think). Which is a huge benefit.

  • I mantain that it's not useful, we have web preview which is the best thing ever and works on the actual device, also construct2 is closed (apart from plugins) so it's not like having an environment like mobione will do any good (develop on c2->export->load mobione->test) too much work and still doesn't address the only real problem that we have which is speed for games.

    All these "frameworks" that are popping out like mushrooms are more of the same and address problem that are not important, I bought a used macmini for development for 200Euros which is not too steep to have an actual way to test on the real device.

    So far I've only seen Ashley trying to address the real problem of html5 on mobile which is the lack of webGL, I don't know how many of you are aware of this but he actually made an effort to create a plugin for phonegapgap to implement webGL.

    I developed a game for iPhone which is sitting on my hard disk waiting for a better compatibility with appmobi and direct canvas since I can't get stable fps right now, I tested everything in construct2 developer mode and web preview, and I'm using advanced features like the accelerometer (that works perfectly) and all the other features you can access with js. In my opinion there is really NO need for a fake simulator since with c2 you can preview on the actual device.

    Again I've not actually anything against mobione, I just can't see the need for it.

  • Well you could test on a lot of different devices without designating them as developer devices(Ipad, ipad2, iphone 3, iphone4, iphone 4s, I have all these devices, but I use them, and don't want to make them developer devices). You my have thousands of dollars to waste on that or you could just spend $99 for MobiOne.

    Also webGL is not the only problem with mobile, in fact I don't think it is the main problem. I believe loading the entire game on bootup to the phones RAM is the problem. My game that is on the Chrome Store Maze Manor was created to be a mobile app, but because the game dumps all the textures from over 60 levels into the RAM on bootup most mobiles can't handle it. Being able to easily test different devices to see which work is handy. Also the preview to mobile is not an accurate measure of performance. My game gets a 5x speed boost after it runs through appmobi and gets converted to an app.

  • I understand what you mean and I see your point now but still you can buy a macmini and do the exact same thing with phonegap and xcode, and I think that it's a good idea to have a mac if you plan on developing for iphone.

    I assume that you created maze manor on construct2, are you telling me that with appmobi you get a speed boost? Because with the applap I get the exact same fps as construct2, I'll try it then.

  • Yes, Maze Manor was made with C2, and yes, appmobi gives a speed boost. It's about 5x faster. I've only tested on my droid. I'm not sure about IOS yet. I only have an old ipod touch designated as a developer device, and I'm sure my app won't run on it(even with a speed boost). That's why I'm excited about mobiOne at least I can test on my non-designated iphone4. Although without appmobi's speed boost I'm not sure it will run good anyway.

  • Quick note for anybody using this software.

    If you want to view local projects in the test centre, click this button:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/MobiOne%20pic2.png" border="0" />

    browse to the folder on your hard drive, and select the index.html to load it.

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  • Hello,

    Can you please help me out where to give the url in MobiOne TestCenter and is coding also required for this tool.If possible please reply me soon.



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