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  • Hi there,

    Which Ipad works better "together" with C2? What problems are known?

    Sound Problems? FPS Problems? Tocuh Problems? Other known Bugs?

    Who have tested it - and what do you think it is better to buy?

    IPAD 2 - Or - IPAD 3?



  • KMag : for the same game, ipad 3 is going to be slower than ipad 2, because of the retina. That means you have x4 more pixels to draw and update, with the same graphical memory bus size.

  • But isn't the game just going to be stretched from a smaller resolution?

    Has this been tested? I've only been trying my game on an iPad 2

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  • Rory : yes, the game is going to be stretched anyway. But the video controller still need to rasterize more pixels.

    That was the same problem when the iPhone 4 went out, with its retina display. The 3GS what doing a lot of things still faster, because all the hardware wasn't bumped as what was needed to handle the Retina display. Since then, the 4S closed the gap (using more beefy hardware).

  • You can disable the iOS retina display in C2, and it will draw low-res and stretch up to fill the screen on iPad 3, with similar performance to iPad 2. However using the retina display on iPad 3 isn't very good, because it has 4x as much area to draw, and Apple didn't make the hardware powerful enough to compensate, so often performance is worse in retina mode. It's a shame. I would recommend using an iPad 2 for your testing and turn off retina mode for the time being, unless you really want to target retina displays anyway.

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