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  • Hi,

    I got quite urgent request to create simple iPad app for some company show.

    It would be one time used only, and would do nothing but displaying 4 images on touch, and when all 4 images are touched it would display some nice text.

    I know that this could easily be done in powerpoint (or what is the name of MacOs version of powerpoint), but, they would like to have app.

    I have some old iPhone, and I tried to create "hello world" with construct two, touch works fine, and my images disappear, but I can't get it to look like app, it is always within browser.

    is the phone gap the only way to avoid that, or there is something that I'm missing here in construct 2 ?

    please advise.

    Tnx :)

  • Yea, you need to wrap it to a native IOS app for it look like one. Phonegap can do that

    Be advised though you'll need a developer license from Apple to test or install your app unless you're planing on running it on jailbroken devices only

  • Actually, the whole problem is licence.

    We (my wife an I) do develop iPhone apps, and try to sell them on the store. But for God knows which reason, Apple is such a mess, so we can't develop app for third party and sell it legally.

    Buying 300$ Enterprise license to sell 25$ worth app is nonsense, so I wanted to give a try with construct 2.

  • If you're developing IOS apps i assume you have the 99$ developer license from Apple and a mac in which case it would be a matter of exporting your C2 project for Phonegap and follow their instructions on how to get it working on an iPad

  • The problem is Apple.

    99$ license does not allow you to sell without involving app store, and the request for the app came today, and must be finished in 2 days.

    Using "apple" as service provider, means that they have 7-15 days to "prove" the app, and I can't wait that much.

    So, Yes I have the license, and Yes I have Mac, and Yes I can do it in Xcode, Construct 2, this and that, but problem is legal distribution of the "product" without waiting for Apple to give "amen to that".

    It is incredible how such easy thing can get so complicated.

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  • Ahh right

    Yea, even with Phonegap you're still subject to Apple's whim. I guess your only other option is to look into running unsigned apps on a jailbroken device. Haven't done that myself but i think it's an option

  • Wow... Has this company considered buying a digital photo frame perhaps?

  • if you add url to homescreen isnt that not enough? only very small bar at top.. and have you put it on fullscreen in c2?

  • Quick & dirty solution : install a free kiosk app on the iPad (there a few of them), and load your C2 generated files via iTunes on the iPad.

  • I'm a bit late with reply, but we managed to resolve it with some fake apps :))

  • Could use the add-hoc developer build to get it running on a few tablets.

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