What has your iOS/Android publishing experience been like?

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  • Vegamon007 yes this is why we need some kind of decision from Scirra to help us all focus our energy in one direction. Ashley is very aware of the mobile / html5 scene and I know that if he were to make a decision it would be one we could all get behind. Ultimately we want something that works best for as many people as possible.

    mercedescolomar Glad to year you had good results. I'd like to know the game you have because while I'm not saying my games are overly complex, I've found performance pretty good with crosswalk (only the bloatedYea but I wonder... since Cordova is open source, what would be superior is for Scirra to actually incorporate Cordova INTO Construct 2! If the actual service is part of the engine.. then Ashley has full control over which version.. what updates and changes are needed.

    Happier more productive developers will mean more customers and sales.. Before I was using C2.. I used GameSalad and while it is VERY sandboxish.. I have to admit i was getting pretty efficient at build apps with it and publishing because everything was integrated. Sure it had some headaches at times, but overall I really miss being able spend more time on the game and less on publishing. This seems like a viable option to explore.. eliminate the need for any 3rd party platform.

  • Ok, so a bit more about it.

    For iOS, I tried Adobe Phonegap Build (build.phonegap.com) at first. I thought I saw that it is recommended somewhere ... But maybe I'm wrong. So, I build with Intel XDK, and yes, I had some problems with certificates at first, too, but it's ok now. The main problem is still that I can't test on my phone before published to App Store. Also, it ignores Full Screen and Hide Status Bar preferences. I hope I'll be successful with those plugins to hide it.

  • part12studios - yes there is a good tutorial on the subject by Andy Reitberger. I can't post links yet but here it is: shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/c ... nstruct-2/

  • Also, most of my questions have been answered in the cocoon.io forum: forums.cocoon.io

  • part12studios I only used the cocoon ads and cocoon share plugins. Right now I have no need for IAP plugins and all that. But the experience has been WAY BETTER than xdk.

    I use admob ads for banner and interstitials. You also can use third party plugins and install them to cocoon such as a cranberry plugin. I know cranberry has some rewarded video plugins so you can use those.

    No problems at all with screen lock and status bar does not show when you put it in full screen (unlike xdk).

    The downside to cocoon is the $500 splash screen removal for each project so if you care about that it would be an issue. You can however request to have a premium type of account where you basically get everything for free. More info here https://cocoon.io/pricing

    Overall, I would say you get what you pay for. Construct 2 to me is the cheapest to make games compared to GameSalad, Stencyl, Unity, Buildbox, (all these basically have their own exporter) etc. But with C2 it's basically learning another big step to export.

  • llfstudios sounds good. I'll have to give cocoonIO another look. yea the $500 thing is a bit much if you ask me but I agree that developers need to eat.. C2 is a tremendous value. I actually kinda hope that C3 is more expensive because Ashley needs more people.. he needs to be able to hire people that can help him better address our professional needs. That isn't happening right now but he's a small operation and that's understandable.

    Sang Ki should have charged more for his plugins too. He gave the community a great value

    Also I hope that C3 has a plugin component for the store.. if Sang Ki's plugins were available easily for people to buy / download.. if all developers using C2 could easily buy his plugins and know C3 would keep them updated, I think he could then afford to make the price low and make money through volume, but as it is people basically have to stumble onto his plugins (like I did) and just go from there.

    I've also emailed Scirra suggesting they consider hiring Sang Ki (he's open to it) to be their plugin specialist.. if not him someone should be there to test out updates and to keep everyone on track for publishing.

  • I don't mind the splash screen. It only plays for a couple of seconds when my game is loading. They deserve props for making a good export option for us HTML5 game designers.

  • big Infinity well it's not that I mind it for personal games, but if you do something for a client, they typically are not going to want their product branded by other products / services. It's unprofessional.. so you get put in a tough situation.. do you eat the $500 (a lot if you budget isn't huge) or you force the client to choose to pay the difference.. which could cause you to lose the job.. just not ideal. XDK doesn't have this issue, nor phonegap for that matter.

    Seems like they could come up with another method of debranding.. but it is what it is and IF I can get it to work for me that would be fine.. but think.. if Construct 3 HAD their own Cordova method in place.. we wouldn't have to pay $500 a game to get debranded.. I think C3 would do better to keep their developers in their environment. . Imagine if we paid C3 for similar app based options.. it would put more money in Scirra and help them further develop the engine.. supporting Cocoon IO and pumping $500 a game into their wallets is not going to help Construct 3 (i'm already thinking ahead, heh) become a better product.

    bottom line is that I'd like to see Ashley and his product(s) grow and do better so the more support / money can go his way the (ideally anyway) better the product will get and the support we need.

  • I hear ya and understand.

  • I actually did just goto that one on Sunday... but the build failed... what XDK cordova plugin did you import to use for cranberry?


  • TonyW help me understand what plugins are you using? when the build failed.. what kind of error was it? I know that most of my build errors with XDK are certificate related (iOS not android). I've had good luck (knock on wood) with Crosswalk / XDK for awhile now. That doesn't mean plugins all work when I test on mobile but at least I don't get errors.

  • TonyW help me understand what plugins are you using? when the build failed.. what kind of error was it? I know that most of my build errors with XDK are certificate related (iOS not android). I've had good luck (knock on wood) with Crosswalk / XDK for awhile now. That doesn't mean plugins all work when I test on mobile but at least I don't get errors.

    This is the plugin that i used : cordova-plugin-payment-iap

    and this is the build error

    Thanks, I would like to be able to use IAP apps again.

  • stop using 5.1.1 and back to 4.1.2 under build options. were you suppose to know this? of course not.. but yep that's most likely your problem. you have to downgrade plugins and everything to 4.1.2 in XDK. Let's not discuss this anymore on this thread (I know I was asking) but yea that should do the trick. Do a fresh import as well to be safe.. never assume when things go wrong that overwriting stuff is still ok.. i have no faith in the process right now.. until i get a nice run of successes.

  • hi all. i found this forum because i am looking for why my admob ads aren't showing on my game Sheep Shifter. I have one version free (with ads) one version paid (no ads) -- export from C2 thru XDK works to Android with no catches at all. Perfection.

    exporting to iOS is tougher, but once I got the hang of it no problem. Only issue with iOS is the free version - it won't display ads. my solution at this stage will be to remove the free version from the iTunes store and only put up the paid version.

    So... if anyone knows how to get the Admob plugin working for iOS, I'm open to any suggestions. I am going to try the move back from 5.1.1 to 4.1.2 perhaps.... anyway, all the best to you all.

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  • yea you should make a new project.. do a fresh export of your game.. be sure you have the iOS specific ID's for the admob.. I use cranberry's plugin even though I hear the C2 one works. downgrade the project immediately after importing your new XDK project. if you are not using the cranberry one you should try it.

    I got an email from Ashley sharing that they are actively working on testing / updating the IAP plugin to insure it's working as it should which is great news.

    Just so you know though, using Cranberry I got this game live for iOS. I'm doing Android next, hoping it goes just as smooth: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/selex/i ... ?ls=1&mt=8

    I used:

    cranberry - google analtyics

    cranberry - IAP

    cranberry - admob

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