iOS7 Game Controller Support?

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  • Does Construct 2 plan to support iOS7 Game Controller?

  • That all depends if the browsers will support the controller. C2 supports the WC3 Controller standard. Providing whatever medium your using uses the WC3 to access IOS7 game cotnrollers. Then C2 will have it. However C2 has no direct access to the IOS7 Controller.

    I suspect Ejecta and CocoonJS will support IOS game controller. So C2 will follow and support with those. However I won't hold my breath for mobile Safari.

  • I suspect Ejecta and CocoonJS will support IOS game controller. So C2 will follow and support with those.

    Sorry, I meant with CocoonJS if Ludei adds support for it. I assume C2 will follow eventually, but I'm trying to get a sense if it will be available the first day of iOS7's release. iOS7 is suppose to be released in a couple days. I guess it's not looking too good.

  • Well CocoonJS has already added the W3C Controller. Probably runs on Android devices. I know they are working on getting it for the Ouya running. So I'm very positive that Ludie will get it working for IOS7. However the thing is that Ludie will support it. It's just when the next version comes out. Ludie makes releases apx every 4 to 6 months. There last release was about 2 months ago. So I'm sure on there next release we will see IOS7 controller, but probably not for another 2 to 4 months :(

  • It would be best to ask Ludei. We already support their controller API, so if they hook up support for iOS 7 game controllers, it should work with C2 straight away.

  • On another note, what could apple be planning? I hope it's a "mac mini" console, as in you can plug a mac mini to your TV and use a remote.

  • jayderyu

    I'm unaware of the W3C controller. Sounds interesting. I'll look into it. If Ludei doesn't release the next version of CocoonJS by the next keynote where Apple is expected to announce controller support for iOS7, it won't be the end of the world, but fingers crossed! I think it would be a small boost for the first games that support it. Apple is already approving games that support it.


    I wasn't sure how much collaboration, if any, was needed to make it work. It's good to know that it will work straight away! I emailed Ludei yesterday, and I got a nice response from them saying they are interested in supporting the controller. With any luck, it won't take long to implement!


    I don't know the specs for the Mac mini. Can you already plug it into a TV? HDMI or something? There are already controllers for OS X Mountain Lion , so you can probably do that now if you want. A lot of people are hoping Apple expands the capabilities of Apple TV to play games, then it would compete directly with Ouya, PS Vita TV and other consoles. It's a possibility.

    (Edit: corrected spelling)

  • Sebastian

    hmm. I liked reading your reply about Ludie. Whenever I ask a question regarding topics. It can take over a week for a reply. It seems that topics of direct interest to Ludie will get quicker responses than ones that they are hemming and hawing over.

    but yeah. I think Apple should have pushed apple tv to a game console already. could have started by getting the apple tv remote to be a pointer then that would have satisfied a lot of touch based games for a quick population. then work up from there.

  • I'm not really sure why that is, but I think some replies take longer. My question might have had a more simple answer. I know I will respond quicker if I only have a sentence or two to type than if I have to respond thoughtfully and maybe research what the issue might be. I try to expect 3-4 days for a message board or email reply. I know a lot of people are busy.

    I agree with you about Apple TV. They should have allowed game apps a long time ago. Technically, you can probably still do that through your iPhone and iPad with AirPlay, but it would better if it could stand alone.

  • Ashley

    Hey, I have a big problem I just update my ipad mini to iOS7

    the problem is my game crashed, but in ios7 it works perfect.

    help me please


  • Have you tried powering down your iPad mini and then starting it up again? I was having a similar problem with an art app crashing after downloading iOS7, and rebooting my iPad did the trick! Another solution might be to reinstall your game, if your game is an app.

    There might also be a problem with CocoonJS not fully supporting iOS7 yet. You may have to contact Ludei directly about that. If the problem persists and none the the above works, it might be best to start your own comment thread. Ashley already answered my question about iOS controller support, so he may not visit this thread again anytime soon.

    Best of luck to you!

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  • If it's CocoonJS that crashes, you need to ask Ludei about it - we can't help.

  • For any devs wanting test out their games with a controller once Ludei adds support, The GameCase has been officially announced. I believe they are allowing devs early access.

    Logitech is also teasing an iOS7 controller. I'll probably wait for that one.

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