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  • hey folks?

    I've been working on my first app for a while now and and the end is in sight?.only problem is that I'm beginning to realize what a PIA it is to get something on the app store?.my mac is an 07 mac book running 10.7.5. i come to find that the newest version of Xcode requires 10.8, but 10.8 is been replaced by maverick OS?.which apparently needs an 08 macbook or newer!..ugh?

    im not really a Mac person, but all my mobile devices are apple?so thats why i decided to make the first app for the app store?.

    but now i am wondering if developing an android app with construct has less hoops to jump through?.

    any thoughts?




  • Well it's simple.

    Android is simpler to do. however the sales ratio is lower. But is countered by that there are more Android devices.

    IOS has more hoops, but has a higher purchase rate.

    It's worth it to support both. But if you need you can start with Android then go to IOS.

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  • I've found more success with Android but I've also put in a lot more work into Android apps than iOS

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