iOS Touch X,Y Not Updating Sometimes?

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  • I know it's kind of a no no to post a question without a capx, but my game is pretty huge and requires an account to test out, so before I start stripping out web services (which may the problem?) I figured I'd just ask first.

    I'm encountering a very strange bug on iOS using Phonegap with my game on r178. I'm using Touch for everything and have gotten to the point where I've put the Touch.X and Touch.Y on most screens just to validate that I'm doing everything correctly. Occasionally, the X and Y variables stop updating completely. I can keep touching buttons/sprites in my game just fine, but I need the X/Y coordinates to for drawing on the Canvas (the core game mechanic).

    The updating stops occasionally and only when transitioning from one layout to another. Between these layout transitions, I took out any actions doing anything with third party plugins and am just setting a few variables and starting/stopping audio. Once the next layout loads, I have an AJAX call to pull some data along with an appropriate On Ajax Complete action. I have no On Ajax Failed conditions.

    Has anyone experienced this or anything like this? If I can get some guidance on what may make the Touch feature not update its X and Y, I can do some digging in the Javascript and see if I can come up with an explanation. If a capx is needed, let me know and I'll throw something together, but it won't be recreating what I currently have. Thanks!

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