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  • Hello World,

    I have 2 questions concerning the news in the iOS 8 blog post.

    1. If I remember correctly when I created my game I choose "New cocoonjs project"(thats one of the options the C2 version had at the time), now that my game is almost done if I choose the PhoneGap option when I export it will everything work ok? Please don't tell me I have to start a new blank project and build my game all over again...

    2. All the framerate improvements the blog post talks about are all fine and dandy, but has there been any work done on the audio side? When I started my game I remember reading a few topics about the fact that the safari browser can't play 2 sounds at the same time. Think Mario, background music + sound when you pick up coins. Is that possible now?

    Thank you very much guys.

  • 1) you can put cocoon back if you click on show depreciated plugins.

    2) i'd like to see it too. Had problems with 2d sound propagation as well. No possibility to have different propagation for different objects.

    Now safari can play several sounds at one time tho.

  • 1. I don't think you understand vagaev, the game already is a cocoonjs project. My question is can I export it as PhoneGap and have it run without problems and have everything working? Or do I have to create a "new empty project", rebuild the game, and then export it as phonegap?

    2. Glad to hear it, thanks.

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  • Cocoonjs is just an export format as well as the phonegap export option. So as long as you haven't exported your project you are free to export it in cocoon or phonegap or html5 or anything.

    Is you have already exported your game as a cocoonjs project no you can't.

  • Also, if you use CocoonJS-plugin in your project you naturally need to change those. I am looking into this same thing myself, because I need to convert all my released and current projects sooner or later...

  • You can export to anything with the same project.

  • 1. Yes, it should be fine. If you look at the differences between the templates, they just have some different initial objects placed and some altered project settings.

    2. Audio should never have been a problem on Safari. It's long supported the Web Audio API for high-performance low-latency polyphonic audio playback. So I don't know where you got the impression it can't play more than one sound at a time.

  • 1. Great, thank you very much Ashley

    2. Here is one of the topics I read at that time and where I got the idea from.

    But after reading it again now it seems that they where talking about older versions of iOS, forgot about that.

  • VIKINGS - you should be wary of using information from such old threads, because things change so quickly in the technology world. That is a thread from 2011 discussing iOS 4 and iOS 5 which had some issues. iOS 6 was released in 2012 and had Web Audio API support, resolving all the issues. So it has not been a problem for 2 years now.

  • I know that Ashley , which is why the first thing I did after reading it was to ask if that problem was still current. And because of how I formulated my question(there where some things I didn't understand back then that I get now, I'd rather not go into details) someone answered yes and it just stuck with me ever since. :faceplam:

    Anyway, thanks once again for your help guys.

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