Is iOS 10 likely to fix audio issues?

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  • Currently it seems that iOS 9 has some serious problems with HTML5 audio (and therefore Construct 2). I personally can't release anything I've been working on lately because of the distortion / sample-rate mismatch problems. I understand that it's not specifically a Construct problem. Current issues include:

    • Audio not working after a video has been played on the device.

    • Audiocontext starting in different sample rates randomly

    • Sounds playing an octave lower than intended due to sample rate

    • Sample rate mismatch resulting in horrible distortion of sounds

    • Sound not working after an app is closed / opened

    I know that Ashely said this a few months ago:

    "I am guessing this is just another case of the same iOS bug, and playing the video also causes a sample rate change. Apple have apparently fixed the underlying issue so hopefully it's fixed in the next iOS update.

    I don't want to add any more hacks to try to work around this: the hacks tend to be so ugly they cause as many problems as they solve, which is exactly what's happened with some other recent sound bugs as well."

    Does anyone think it's likely that iOS 10 will make all this stuff better? If so I'll take a few months off developing and continue with Construct, if not I'm going to need to start learning a non HTML5 based engine. I'm sure lots of other people are in the same position.

  • We came up with a workaround to the sample rate bug and fixed a bunch of iOS audio bugs in the last few C2 releases. Which C2 version are you on and which iOS version are you testing on? Last I checked everything was working fine on iOS again.

  • Hi Ashley thanks for getting back to me. I don't know then, maybe it's just something wrong with my iPad? It does seem to be fine on my iPhone. I'm using an iPad Air 2 and any audio files I attempt to play are coming out almost an octave lower, and using audio.samplerate I can see the project sometimes starts in 22.5kHz (wrong but sound works ok) or 44.1kHz (correct but distorted). I've checked all my audio files are good and tried lots of different formats and sample rates.

    I'm using r227 but I also tried r229 to see if it helped, I've also posted a capx to the bug section. I'll try to get hold of a friends iPad to double check, maybe it's just my one.

  • What version of iOS are you testing on?

  • Hi Ashley, it's iOS 9.3.2

  • Huh, then everything should be working fine then. We did a lot of work to fix all the issues you mentioned already. If you still have trouble then please file reports to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines.

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  • Hmmm I'm starting to think it's just me! I've posted a .capx to the bugs section. I think I've followed the guidelines correctly.

    It's just a button that should play a middle c, on my iPad Air it plays at the correct pitch about 10% of the time at the moment....

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